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    Rio Lindo
242 грн
      Rio Lindo Viura-Chardonnay is a very interesting wine from two grape varieties: classic Chardonnay and Viura (second name Macabeo), typical of northern Spain and southern France. This combination of varieties resulted in an interesting wine with aromas of tropical fruits and hints of white flowers. The Viura gives the wine herbaceous and floral nuances, while the Chardonnay adds tropical fruit notes.
      The winery where this wine is produced is owned by Les Grands Chais de France, a huge, world-renowned company. While this French company owns modern wineries around the world, its main concept is to preserve the authenticity and originality of all its drinks.
      Rio Lindo Viura-Chardonnay wine is very aromatic and drinkable, which perfectly highlights the taste of different dishes, besides it has a very good bottle and will be a decoration of any table.
      The wine has a rich yellow color.
      The aroma is quite fresh, you can feel notes of green apple and peach flowers in the foreground, with hints of vanilla and white flowers.
      The taste of the wine is fresh and drinkable, balanced, has a light sweetness and moderate acidity, with hints of tropical fruits (pineapple, mango) and notes of peach and alycha.
      Recommended serving temperature - 8-12°C.
      Gastronomic combinations - Rio Lindo Viura-Chardonnay wine is perfect to serve with seafood, poultry and pork dishes.

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