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Whiskey. The oily tape. Toasted walnut-pecan. These are some nuances that can catch  Gouda premium Beemster XO. Basic cheese taste is sweet, salty, chocolate-nut with a long finish. Deep chocolate caramel notes and refreshing mouth crunchy crystals make this cheese is your absolute favorite.

In Europe, this cheese is used as an appetizer to the continued strong British ells and dark beers. Cheese Beemster XO is perfect for full tannin red wines Cabernet Sauvignon type to seasoned Madero, the old port, sherry and classic Sauternes. In the men's company try to recommend XO of single malt scotch. Remember that best reveals the taste of cheese at room temperature. Combine it with roasted macadamia nuts or cashews, but the best - with a mix of salted nuts, roasted in honey. Serve with green or black olives juicy, white grapes, fig's cake.

The manufacturer of this wonderful Gouda, cooperative Kono, not chasing the number, such as trembling and carefully produces a delicious Gaudi in Holland. Cono thus positioning itself as a premium manufacturer, unlike FrieslandCampina - the largest cooperative Netherlands, conducting a massive dairy products. CONO Cheesemakers - the only Dutch industrial manufacturer that in 1901 no c lukavlyachy said that their cheeses are made by hand by a technique that goes back hundreds of years ago! One of the most modern cheese factories Holland cheese grain pressing vychisuyetsya before special soft hand rake. Thanks to this technology of cheese curd grains obtained is particularly delicate texture and mild creamy taste. This distinguishes Beemster from all other industrial producers in the Netherlands and in the world! Not to mention the starter, the recipe of which is patented and gives Beemster cheese Royale such a wonderful flavor and aroma! A shutter cheese on wooden decks in historic warehouses cheese soaked atmosphere, with natural produvom and special care supplement and perfect picture of the royal cheese-winner. Which cheese still boasts as many medals: World Championship Cheese Contest (WCCC) Gold in 2014, World Cheese Awards (WCA) Bronze in 2012 and 2013, DLG German Agricultural Society International Excellence Awards Gold in 2013 and 2014, International Cheese Awards (ICA ) Bronze in 2014! Beemster Royal Royal has a special status mark "Royal Warrant" and submitted to the Dutch royal table, wearing honorably print «By Appointment to the Court of the Netherlands». By the way, not all cheeses are produced on the newest factory Beemster, Beemster get a sticker. The manufacturer says it wants to bring the technology to make cheese and ideal quality in absolutely every one of seasoned heads. So while not putting their brand on those heads of cheese. Beemster province where the cooperative production and meadows, is strictly of the Netherlands - in the far north. Its wetlands, which won the sea reclamation by 1612, is located at 4 meters below sea level. In 1999, UNESCO made this magical end to the list of World Heritage. Bogs are unique Beemster soil of blue clay, which grows very lush grass rich in minerals. And because of this cooperative cows spend at pastbyschi to 95% of the time - North Holland cheese out especially creamy, sweet, rich flavor and aromatom.vyhotovlyayetsya only from cow's milk without any goats. In Norway there are about 10 varieties of cheese. Speaking of this famous cheese maker - Tine BA (read "shadow") - a cooperative, one of Europe's largest dairy vyrobnyivk that unites more than 15 thousand farmers and more than 5000 employees.


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