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    With additives
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    31 g
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    Farmers Cheese
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The taste of cheese is soft creamy with an unusual herbal flavor. The aroma felt lavender flowers.

Due to its bright saturated blue color it looks spectacularly on the plateau and will become an ornament for any dish. It goes well with grapes, sweet apples and dried fruits. From wines suitable more average saturation or red.

Cheese with blue pesto and lavender flowers came to us from the Netherlands, where it is cooked almost in the same way as classic Gauda. But, inspired by a series of cheeses with the addition of pesto, which the Dutch cheese makers turned out to be amazing, they add lavender to the vat during cooking, which is very useful for the nervous system. Blue cheese with a soft creamy taste and rich aroma certainly looks spectacular on the plate due to its beautiful saturated color (tinted with indigo carmine - extracted from plants of the genus indigofer).

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