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    With additives
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    32,5 g
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    Farmers Cheese
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Cheese with Fenugreek is a sharp nutty flavor and smell. Because he is young, it has a delicate texture and milky taste. Like other farmers cheese, it does not contain preservatives, colorings and flavor enhancers.

Cheese with additives is desirable to use of sauces and jams, as the supplements are bright and unique taste. The cheese is the most combine  with grapes and pears. Serve with only young white or red wines. Wine should be light and rich.Farmer's cheese with fenugreek is recommended to apply slices, neatly cut slicers.

This cheese with an original combination - Spice of fenugreek - is made from cow's milk on private farms in the Netherlands. In order to expand the range and surprise buyer, producers have always tried to add to the cheese something unusual. Interest in Fenugreek is clear: it gives the bitter taste of the walnut mushroom also known for its medicinal properties. Due to the content of selenium, magnesium, antioxidants, it affects the circulatory, digestive system, reduces blood sugar and cholesterol, besides improving brain function. He was particularly revered in the Eastern countries, the Indians did not just respectfully call this plant a mystical word "Shambhala". The farm cheese is cooked on a strict recipe Gouda for many years from unpasteurized milk. From the mass of curd after separation of the serum under water wash away lactic acid. During cooking, add fenugreek. Once the mass has acquired a creamy soft consistency, it is compressed into special round shape and leave for several hours. The final stage of cheese pour a special brine and left to dry exposure period of six months to two years. The result is a cheese weighing head 4, 10 or 12 kg.

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