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    With mold
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    32 g
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The name Furm D’Amber reflected the history of this cheese. The word tuyere comes from the Latin "forma" - form, it is this word that underlies the Italian collective name for cheese - Formaggio. Tuyeres are called high-cylinder cheeses. Like his brother Ble, a native of Auvergne, the same ancient cheese. Furm D’Ambert is the most tender of French blue cheeses made from cow's milk. Historians believe that it was still produced by the ancient Celtic priests - the Druids. According to local legends, he was taken back to the Roman Empire, where he was in great demand. Obviously, the Druids knew a lot about delicious food. It is also interesting that Furm d’Amber appears in the Auvergne tax paintings from the 7th century AD. e. and at times used by peasants as money.

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