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Cheese has a delicate creamy, islandy taste with a hint of summer hay. Produce it from a microbiological abomasum and therefore cheese is suitable for vegetarians.

Great combination with full-bodied white wines - Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and light reds - Merlot, Pinot Noir. It is recommended to serve on a cheese plate with honey, sweet and sour jams, sweet fruits and fresh nuts.

Bunker goat cheese is perhaps the most unusual goat cheese from Holland. He aesthetes like, as is especially beautiful - with sharp edges, embossed top and side, the head of the coffee-colored, large size,16 kg instead of the usual 12 contains a special starter, and most importantly - kept in underground bunkers for 25 weeks. Hopper cheese began his story not so long ago - in 2011, but made famous Holland. In the town of Twente Daarle is complex, which in the 1940s used to store ammunition. Today it matures another precious cargo - Hopper goat cheese! Under a thick layer of concrete and the land on which trees grow even created a special microclimate, ideal for ripening cheese. The creator of this production, Jan-Peter Nijenhuis, found ideal conditions and the recipe in order to maintain a stable environment cheeses to taste and quality are guaranteed high. All this raw says he - special! Brand Twentse produced only 2 cheese: bunker cow and goat cheeses!

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