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    35 g
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In addition to the refined taste, the cheese doubles its usefulness due to the content of honey in it, which, besides useful substances, gives the cheese a delicate floral shade.

Cheese is served on a table on a cheese plateau, or separately - with almonds or seasonal fruits. Often combine with mushrooms, vegetables and salt cracker. It is ideal for light and unsaturated white wines, for example, Riesling or sparkling.

Goat cheese is the oldest product, invented by a man more than 10 thousand years ago. This cheese should be loved by the head and the heart .You need some knowledge about such delicatessen and the ability to apply it correctly and savor. After all, this cheese opens their best qualities under specific conditions. In addition, it is delicious. Goat cheese concentrates all the nutritional value of milk, which has medicinal properties. It is no accidently, because in Greek mythology, there is a legend that the supreme god of Olympus Zeus the Thunderer was suckled by milk of the  goat named Amalthea. The health benefits of this product are enhanced in combination with honey, which creates a unique bouquet of warm aroma. The milk is placed in a special dish and heated to 33 ° C, add honey, then during the day it curd to defend consistency. Then the mass is spread in special molds to glass serum. Almost finished cheese is transferred to the cellar and left to mature, after it is dried. In a week cheese is filled with flavor and is ready for use.

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