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    With additives
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    35 g
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    Farmers Cheese
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Goat cheese with lavender is a novelty in the Dutch cheese industry. The usefulness of this cheese is doubled because of the content of lavender flowers in it, which gives the cheese a rich aroma and unusual floral taste. The cheese gets its color from natural dyes: blueberries, apples, radishes, sweet potatoes.

Due to its bright, saturated blue, it looks spectacularly on the plateau and becomes an ornament for any dish. Served accompanied by grapes, sweet apples and dried fruits. It is perfectly associated with white (medium saturated) and red wines.

Dutches began adding spices and herbs to cottage cheese and invented the recipe used by the current cheese industry. The biggest discovery in the world of goat cheeses is Dutch hard cheeses. The richness of flavors, smells, aftertaste and the most delicate aftertaste of a goat - all in hard goat cheeses of Dutch origin. They, in turn, are young, aged and old, as well as clean and with additives. And all have only traditional "cheese" ingredients: goat milk, leaven, an enzyme of non-animal origin and salt.

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