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Cheese has a tart velvety taste with a light note of smoke, caramel and cocoa.

Serve as a separate dish in combination with light confitures and cashew nuts. Will complement the taste of cheese grapes and sweet pear.

Goat cheese is the cheese with the most vitamins and trace elements. Strict living conditions for animals, goat breeds and their nutrition, observance of cooking technologies all influence the fact that Dutch goat cheeses do not have a specific smell and taste. Cheese has only traditional cheese ingredients - goat's milk, leaven, an enzyme of non-animal origin and salt. Therefore, it is suitable for small children, as well as for pregnant and lactating mothers. It is also important that cheese made from goat's milk is much easier to digest than cow's. Its fat cells are similar to human, so they do not create unnecessary strain on the digestive system.

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