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    With additives
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    32 g
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    Cheese gallery
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The taste of cheese from goat's milk that supplement blend of Italian herbs make much more refined. Slightly salty cheese, white with patches of grass. Because of particularly impressive sophisticated fragrance, in this cheese does not smell of goat's milk. The product is stored in the refrigerator in a cut to 1 month.

Goat cheese with Italian herbs is often used for breakfast, especially in green salads. It goes well with mushrooms, vegetables and fruits, drinks and wine. It is also added to pizza, salads and even hot meals. Goat cheese is the main product of the national French, Greek and Spanish cuisine. In most cases, used as goat cheese appetizer, but it tastes great and as a separate dish. It is well composed with a young wine, such as Chablis, Sauvignon Blanc from Sancerre or Push-Fumé from California.

Several thousands of years in a row goat cheese cooked only in the countries of Asia Minor, in the territory of the UAE and in the Caucasus. In Western Europe, it has got to VIІІ century after the conquest of the Moors in Spain. It is no coincidence the name is still the most popular varieties of goat cheese in France is the Arabic name - Chabichou (chabichou), «Shabi" translated means "goat". The addition of goat cheese condiments and spices reveals new facets of its taste and aroma. Classic production process consists of several stages. First, the milk is subjected to a special enzyme to collapse at about 33ºS, where upon adds a mixture of Italian herbs. Then, the curd is salted, pressed and shaped heads directed to maturation at a temperature of 6-8 ° C for 2 months.

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