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Old Gouda cheese combines the best qualities of these varieties like Cheddar and Parmigiano Reggiano. Its taste is becoming more acute, spicy, taste, there is clearly of chocolate and caramel. The cheese salt crystals are felt.

This mature cheese recommend to eat slowly and taste mode. It is recommend to serve with more seasoned sweetish wines. In particular, it goes well with port wine and Madeira. To fully discover its spicy flavor, aged cheeses Gouda does  not cut but break into pieces or cut into cubes with an edge of about one to two centimeters. It is there are special knives for this. They are sold in our stores.

Gouda TM "Leiden" from the milk of northern Holland - the base line of the Goudes of the Cheese Kingdom since 2018. The brand replaced the rest of the gouda (Tilbury, Noord-Holland, yellow without the brand) and has the classic characteristics of the Gouda of the appropriate degree of exposure with some nuances in the taste / texture. The young Goudes are a little more salty than traditional gouda and are more delicate in texture. Old - even more restrained and crumbling. Creaminess is maintained at all stages of exposure.

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