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    North Holland
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    30 g
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Gouda Leiden old is a rich cheese made according to the traditional Dutch technology using high quality milk from the ecologically clean region of North Holland. Peculiarities of the North Holland region are high mineralization of soils caused by artificial drainage of flooded areas by the North Sea. These soils contain large amounts of blue clay and remnants of the seabed. And due to the free grazing of cows in the meadows, through the succulent grass, minerals get into milk and cheese.
The whole line of Leiden TM is PGI certified and is made with strict standards. And what's more interesting is that the Leiden trademark gets its name from the city of Leiden, which is located in the South Holland (in the north of the province).
Gouda Leiden old cheese has a thick, balanced and tangy taste, with hints of chocolate and caramel. While this Gouda has a dense texture that is quite easy to cut with a knife and slicer, the cheese already has quite a lot of the calcium crystals that seasoned cheese connoisseurs love so much.

Gouda Leiden old is perfect with both a cup of coffee and a glass of wine with a gourmet cheese plate, as well as culinary masterpieces: for salads and hot dishes. It should be served after dessert paired with sweet fruits - pear, blueberry, apricot and peach, or fruit jams. For example, choose St. Dalfour orange-ginger French jam, herb honey, or date-ginger vinegar.
When choosing a wine to match with this cheese, choose medium-dry red wines such as a Zinfandel red from 770 Miles or a Cabernet Sauvignon Sarmientos.
Don't forget the classic combinations of rich old Gaudas with roasted nuts, dark chocolate, and dried fruit (raisins, dates, figs, and apricots) as well.

Pasteurized cow's milk, salt, pure culture of lactic acid bacteria, rennet. Preservatives sodium nitrate (E251), natamycin (E235), dye beta-carotene (E160b).
Contains milk protein and lactose.

Nutritional value
Per 100 grams of the product
Energy value 1736 kJ / 413 kcal
26 gr protein
34g fat
2.4 g salt

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