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    North Holland
  • Milk:
  • Cheese type:
    Solid, Raw
  • Excerpt:
    Eksta old (3 years old)
  • Fat per 100 g:
    33,5 g
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138 грн
206 грн
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413 грн
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1 375 грн

Cheese has a spicy, intensely salty taste, envelops the smell of chocolate and honey. Crumbles when filed, which immediately begins to exude an incredible aroma of treacle and caramel.

Use this super-seasoned cheese instead of Parmesan for cooking hot dishes - pasta or pizza.

Gouda TM "Leiden" from the milk of northern Holland - the base line of the Goudes of the Cheese Kingdom since 2018. The brand replaced the rest of the Gouda (Tilbury, Noord-Holland, yellow without the brand) and has the classic characteristics of the Gouda of the appropriate degree of exposure with some nuances in the taste / texture. The young Gouda is a little more salty than traditional gouda and are more delicate in texture. Old - even more restrained and crumbling. Creaminess is maintained at all stages of exposure.

Артем / 04/10/2020
Какой возраст сыра?
Добрый день!
Возраст этого сыра - 3 года.

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