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    North Holland
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    Solid, Raw
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  • Fat per 100 g:
    30 g
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469 грн

Young cheese - sweet and creamy, slightly more salty traditional gouda. But the consistency of this cheese is especially creamy, the cheese melts in the mouth.

Cheese is served on sandwiches, on white or black bread. Melt it on an open sandwich with ham, drip cranberry or honey mustard on top. It is possible to serve on a cheese plate, although we recommend more sustained gaudi. Young gouda is, first of all, everyday cheese.

Gouda TM "Leiden" from the milk of northern Holland - the base line of the Goudes of the Cheese Kingdom since 2018. The brand replaced the rest of the gouda (Tilbury, Noord-Holland, yellow without the brand) and has the classic characteristics of the Gouda of the appropriate degree of exposure with some nuances in the taste / texture. The young Gouda are a little more salty than traditional gouda and are more delicate in texture. Old - even more restrained and crumbling. Creaminess is maintained at all stages of exposure.

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