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    35,3 г
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    Graeff van Bleskens
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Count Van Bliskens Gold is a premium Gouda from De Kaasfabriek. The line has an interesting name, but not after any count, but after the region of Bleskensgraaf, which is located near the city of Rotterdam, province of South Holland. The Graeff van Blesckens GOLDLABEL is made from the highest quality pasteurized cow's milk and is matured for up to 102 weeks. During this long ageing period the taste of the cheese changes, becoming rich and bright, a slight bitterness and a pleasant sweetness appear. Due to the peculiarities of milk and technology this nadstara Gouda has a fragile structure with a large number of calcium crystals and a bright yellow color. The fat content in the dry matter in this cheese is 48%. The entire line of the Graf van Bliskins cheese honorably bears the Bleskensgraaf coat of arms on its head and its quality and taste is a testament to the experience and skill of the De Kaasfabriek cheesemakers.

    De Kaasfabriek was founded in 2009 by Erik van Dam. "Born between the cheese racks" is how Erik often describes his childhood. His father worked in the cheese store at Waayer de Kaasboer, so from a young age Erik became familiar with cheeses and decided to dedicate his life to it. First he studied cheese in Germany, sweated exporting cheeses from the Netherlands. Finally he founded his own cheese company.

    An interesting cheese supplier in the Netherlands is the motto of De Kaasfabriek. The company aims to constantly surprise its customers with special cheeses that other producers do not yet have. For this reason, the company has a large line of both classic Gauds and various farmhouse cheeses with additives. De Kaasfabriek has been working for more than 10 years to find the perfect balance between tradition, quality and innovation.

    With its bright flavor and aroma, Gouda Graf Van Bliskins Gold is very gastronomic. This cheese will complement salads, hot dishes and be a bright accent on the cheese plateau. Glad to try this Gouda with grilled vegetables or as part of a sauce for meat.

    As for drinks, Count Van Bliskins Golden is also very versatile: it combines with tannic red wines, whiskey or brandy, goes with rich craft beer and with a cup of strong espresso or puerh tea.

    With confitures - it is best to choose orange or even grapefruit with salt Gastromaisterni, you can also emphasize the taste of cheese with a rich buckwheat honey. To such a rich in flavor cheese, it is better to choose dried fruit and roasted nuts.

    Pasteurized cow's milk, salt, pure cultures of lactic bacteria, rennet.

    Contains milk protein, lactose.

    Nutritional value
    Per 100 grams of the product
    Energy value of 1771 kJ / 427 kcal
    27.3 grams of protein
    35.3 grams of fat
    2.1 grams of salt

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