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    With mold
  • Fat per 100 g:
    39 g
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    Saint Agur
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126 грн
189 грн
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629 грн
1 258 грн

The cheese has a spicy and delicate creamy flavor, the flavor is rich with mushroom notes.

St. Agyre melts well, so it is used to make different salads, it can be spread on fresh bread or crackers. The table is served with nuts and raisins from wines suitable white and red French.

The birthplace of this cheese is the village of Mont-du-Vele, located in the mountainous region of Auvergne. This brand was introduced in 1988 by the cheese company Bongrain. For manufacturing, pasteurized milk is used, enriched with cream. The fat content of this cheese is quite high - 60%. Also this class is qualified as double cream cheese. St. Agyur stand for about 60 days in the cellars. The longer this cheese ripens, the more pungent and piquant the taste becomes.

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