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    With additives
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    32 g
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    Farmers Cheese
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The taste is best described as full, sweetish, creamy with a light grassy aroma that grows closer to the crust.

Feel free to combine with light dressings in salads, add to pasta or vegetable casserole for aroma and flavor of herbs. Of the wines goes well with light reds.

The world first saw cheese with clover in 1977, when cheeses dipped in clover aromatic herbs. A new tradition - modern Dutch clover cheese was born on a small farm near Amsterdam. Cheese makers decided that the clover was not only on the crust, but also the cheese had a clover note. To cook such cheese, local farmers planted their cows on a special diet when honey clover is included in the diet. Thus, cows give sweet and fragrant milk, as a result of which a clover note is noticeable in every piece of cheese. The cheese ripens for 2-3 months, covered with a crust of clover.

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