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    North Holland
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  • Cheese type:
    Solid, Raw
  • Excerpt:
    Extra old (3 years)
  • Fat per 100 g:
    31 g
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139 грн
188 грн
251 грн
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377 грн
628 грн
1 255 грн

This cheese with a soft, supple texture has a small round "eye" soft spicy taste with a spicy flavor and an unusual aroma of pesto sauce with basil mixture, nuts and garlic. The taste and texture similar to cheese very hard goat, with a fat content of about 50%.

"Mature" Zwart is fully self-sufficient food. You can savor with seasonal fruit, vegetable salads or combined with fortified or dessert wines seasoned with high content of tannin. Put cheese out of  the refrigerator for 30 minutes before serving. Keep its best in a refrigerator at 12 ° C.

Three-year Zwart should be treated with respect. It is the oldest and most respected in our collection. It is known that the Dutch chef in the XVII century admired sustained Zwart and made him incredibly popular in his homeland. Later, due to aging and longer shelf life, cheese and began to sell outside the state. Today super aged spicy cheese - a real godsend for gourmet. At first glance, the technology of preparation of cheese traditionally Dutch: curd matures at a temperature of 13-15 ° C and a humidity level above 80%. However, during prolonged maturation for 36 months cheese head loses about 25% by weight - is 3 kg. This affects the taste and structure of the crystallized cheese. The round shape and the wax coating ensures a proper storage and further maturation.

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