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This jam is created especially for those who like unusual tastes. In it you will feel the juicy ripeness of the freshest strawberries, which is complemented by notes of spicy basil and all this is emphasized by the acidity of the tomato pulp. Basil in combination with strawberries and tomato gives a unique aroma and even more unsurpassed taste, which like fast food I want to try more and more, but at the same time natural.
Freshly picked berries gave the product its sweetness and unforgettable aroma of fresh strawberries, and also saturated its composition with a generous share of vitamins that our body needs so much. A set of vitamins that give berries helps break down fats in the body, which is important for a sedentary lifestyle.
The natural strawberry-tomato-basil jam gives you the opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary taste and at the same time take care of healthy digestion, the beauty and shine of the skin, and the health of the circulatory system.

It can be used as jam, for example, combining it with a freshly baked French croissant or as an independent dessert during tea drinking, and it will become a very bright addition that will only successfully emphasize and reveal the taste of a fragrant piece of cheese. Next time you think about strawberry jam, think of strawberry jam with basil and tomato!

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