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    Грісині з прованськими травами
52 грн

Grisini with Provence herbs is a traditional Italian bread sticks of a small thickness. Crispy products have an incomparable aroma of Provencal herbs and an incredible spicy taste. As part of Grisini with Provence herbs: high quality flour, vegetable oil, pressed yeast, food salt and Provencal herbs.

Provencal herbs contained in this type of bread sticks also have a large number of active substances that have beneficial properties for the body, which makes the product even more useful. These are essential oils, tannins, resins, organic acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Spicy mixture increases appetite and promotes good digestion, as well as irreplaceable diet without salt. Provencal herbs contain tannins and volatile oils that are unique in their properties.

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