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    Duxton Vineyards
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    Pinot Noir
450 грн

An exquisite red dry Pinot Noir wine from one of the best winemakers of our time - Scott Rawlinson. The Pete's Pure brand headed by Scott, though quite young, has already won the hearts of connoisseurs not only in his native Australia, but also in Europe. The vineyards cover an area of 4000 hectares on the Murray River in the south-west of New South Wales. The soils are sandy loamy, covered with limestone rocks. The crop is harvested after reaching optimum ripeness, by mechanical means. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks, at controlled temperatures. 

Pete's Pure is part of Duxton Vineyards, a leader in the production of high quality Murray region wines. The company's winemakers combine in-depth professional knowledge, state-of-the-art technology and care for their vineyards. Company vineyards are more densely planted, which allows for a unique microclimate and a higher quality harvest. Also, a computerized irrigation system is used here that uses much less water than in the rest of the region.

Color: deep ruby with a cherry touch.

Aroma: soft, but full-bodied, combining notes of ripe red berries, framed by vanilla tones and complemented by hints of freshly baked bread and crusts.

Taste: it has a bright fruit note, highlighted by tones of vanilla, soft velvet tannins, the long aftertaste is revealed by nuances of dried fruits and minerals.

Gastronomy: excellently complements meat dishes and ripe cheeses

Recommended serving temperature - 16-18°C.

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