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    Republic of South Africa
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    KWV International
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415 грн

Juicy and bright, but at the same time soft wine Café Culture is made from Pinotage grapes. The peculiarity of the local terroir, the technology of wine making and aging in oak barrels for 4-6 months reveals an amazing bouquet: fruit juiciness of ripe berries, spiciness and smokiness and notes of freshly brewed coffee. Technical variety

Pinotage was created in South Africa in 1925 by crossing Pinot Noir and Senso. Abraham Isaac Perold, professor and breeder, sought to combine the refinement of Burgundy Pinot with the fertility and unpretentiousness of Senso. Now Pinotage is the hallmark of South African winemaking and is rapidly gaining popularity.

KWV International is one of the leading wine producers and exporters in South Africa and accounts for 60 percent of the country's wine exports and processes over 50 percent of its annual harvests. The company was founded in 1918 just at the time of South Africa's wine industry crisis and gave an impetus to the development of winemaking on new principles and taking the country to the world level.


Color: full-bodied ruby.

Aroma: The first note is freshly ground coffee, followed by ripe blueberries, black mulberry, smoke and sweet spices.

Taste: very drinkable wine, bright taste, medium tannins, harmonious acidity, hints of tobacco, oak, smoke and coffee on the background of fruit notes

Gastronomy: With meat dishes of pork, beef and poultry. Also with berry and chocolate desserts.

Recommended serving temperature is 16-18°C.

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