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    Chateau Chizay
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    sparkling, white
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    Traminer Pink
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Chateau Chizay winery complex was founded in 1995 in Beregovo, Transcarpathian region in the picturesque Chizay tract, where Ukraine borders with Hungary. All products are made exclusively from the company's own grapes, the area of 272 hectares, the year of planting is 2006. At the moment the company's wines are sold not only in Ukraine but also in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Israel.

The new wine from Chateau Chizay - Carpathian Sekt! It is a sparkling wine created with respect to the history of Transcarpathia. Sekt was the name of sparkling wine in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic at the end of the XIX century, during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Subsequently, this was also the name of the sparkling wines of Czechoslovakia. Zakarpattya inherited these traditions. Carpathian Sekt is a unique name that Chateau Cisay revives for sparkling wines from Transcarpathia.

The Carpathian Sekt wines are created using the European method, the Charme-Martinotti method.

Traditionally, the best sects in Europe were mono-varietal - from a single grape variety. We created two of our sects from the special white varieties that grow in the vineyards of Chateau Chizay: the unique local grape Chersegui Fusseres and the legendary Traminer Pink.


Color: lemon

Aroma: floral aromas of elderberry and acacia, fruity - cherry plum, tropical fruit, honeyed notes.

Taste: the taste has a harmonious combination of fruity notes, sweetness and acidity. The sweetness is moderate and pleasant.

Gastronomy: Aperitif, addition to fruit and desserts.

Recommended serving temperature: 6-10°C.

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