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    Le Manzane
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    extra dry
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"Balbinot" Exclusive, Prosecco Millesimo Extra Dry is a fine example of classic Italian Prosecco. Le Manzane uses only grapes from its own vineyards to produce the wine. The local climate, soils and the reverent attitude of several generations of grape growers allow the highest quality grapes to be grown.

The grapes are harvested by hand, then delicately pressed, cleaned and cold-pressed at 5-7°C. Fermentation is done by the Charm method, in stainless steel tanks. After bottling, the wine is aged in the cellars. The resulting sparkling wine has a very good quality.

The family company Le Manzane was founded in the 1950's, the main motto of this family is "hard work and tenacity". These qualities helped such a small producer to come to success and recognition in his native Italy and enter the world market. The company has over 70 hectares of its own vineyards located between the communes of Canellano and Valdobiadene.


Color: pale lemon

Aroma: bright fruity aromas with tones of citrus, white plum, apple and pear, pineapple, as well as mineral nuances.

Taste: elegant, refreshing, full of fruit notes, hints of sweet spices. Minerality is noticeable in the aftertaste.

Gastronomy: Aperitifs, appetizers, seafood and fish. Goat cheeses and soft cheeses.

Recommended serving temperature -7-9°C.

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