Tastings for this week

This week we warm up with such tastings


Shopping mall Center "Academ City", Palladin Ave., 16

We treat with an unusual combination: chocolate with raspberries and blue cheese

Shopping Center "Novus", avenue Grigorenko, 18,

Discovering new combinations - Gorgonzola Gran Riserva cheese with salted caramel.


st. B. Khmelnitsky, 27/1 and st. Proriznaya-Pushkinskaya, 1-3 / 5

We taste exquisite Brie with blue mold combined with strawberry jam and obstinate Spanish wine Rio Lindo


Shopping mall Center "Novus", st. Zdolbunovskaya, 7 g

We treat spicy Camembert with young figs!

Shopping mall Center "Academ City", Palladin Ave., 16

We treat with Italian red wine Chianti and seasoned Leiden limited edition Gouda cheese.

Shopping mall Center "Novus", avenue Grigorenko, 18

We warm the guests with fragrant mulled wine combined with cheese and nuts.


Shopping mall Center "Novus", avenue Brovarskoy, 17

We invite you to a fragrant, warming mulled wine combined with Dutch caramel waffles.


Shopping mall Center "Novus", avenue Bazhana, 8

Mulled wine tasting.

Shopping mall Center "SkyMall", avenue Roman Shukhevych, 2Т. 14.00

Incredibly delicious tasting of brie baked with strawberry jam.

Shopping mall Center"District", st. Lavrukhina, 4 14:00

Tasting of mulled wine and cheese baked in lavash.

Shopping mall Center "Novus", V. Lobanovskogo avenue, 4d

We treat with Italian red wine Chianti and cheese with an exquisite taste Gouda Leiden is limited.

We remind you that tastings are free


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