Tastings for this week


Bohdana Khmelnitsky street 27/1 and Prorizna - Pushkinska, 1-3 / 5  

Savor the color bruscheti at the side of our house with fresh baked bread.  


avenue Grigorenka, 18 

We will welcome you with a blaky sire with honey marmalade, and also we will add the Ukrainian wine Chizay. 

Palladina avenue, 16

Start a tasting of J'elite Sauces with the showcase Ser Gouda.


avenue V. Lobanovskogo, 4D about 16.00

We know all of you from day to day, so overwhelmed by the spirit, creating all appearances and passwords of relish receptors that will be disinfected. Notes of red berries in the dance of Californian wine, the sweet aroma of smoked Gaudí. Varto sprobuvati!

Shopping center "Retrovil", Pravdy avenue, 47 about 16:00

Tasting of the unversed Chianti Castellani day with the sire of Count Van Bliskins sredniy.

SEC "Dream Town" Obolonskiy prospect, 21B o 16:00

Degustuєmo grandiose adnannya Gorgonzoli Argento with confiture polunitsya tomato basil and best chocolate Stranger Craft Chocolate

SEC Magelan, cob about 16:00

I would like to ask those who wish to taste the unique Leiden Gold Limited Gaudí from the Italian Primitivo.


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