Tastings in Odessa and Dnipro

Raclette - party and bruschetta with noble cheeses and fruits

28.02 at 16:00

Shopping Mall "Fontan Sky", st. Semaphore, 4

26.02 at 16:00

Shopping Mall "Gagarin Plaza", st. Genoese, 5/2

28.02 at 16:00

st. Ekaterininskaya, 7


avenue Academician Glushko, 13 at 15:00,

Sooo big and sooo delicious tasting

Aleksandrovsky prospect, 7 at 16:00

We taste the fragrant Camembert Le Rustique in various combinations.

26.02 and 27.02

Fontanskaya road, 53.

We taste bruschetta with blue cheese and Swiss mostardoi.


st. Uspenskaya, 61 at 16:00.

We treat you with delicious goat cheese with marmalade.


26.02 and 27.02

Shopping Mall "Most City" at 16.00

Brie on a crispy baguette and a little sauce of your choice will provide you with warmth of body and soul;)

avenue Dmitry Yavornitsky, 57

Taste sweet pear mostarda with delicate goat cheese.

Shopping center "Neo Plaza" at 16.00

Creamy Saint Agur on crispy Bruschetta combined with sweet and sour vinegar with cranberries will impress anyone.

Shopping center "Babylon" at 16.00

Crispy crackers, tender brie and sweet berry jam are the perfect trio for a winter evening.


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