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    Farmers Cheese
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The aroma is creamy, with sourness, with a well-recognized truffle. The texture is dense, rather creamy, homogeneous. The taste is sweet and salty with a light lanolin aftertaste and a long enveloping plume of Italian black truffle.

A year ago, Ukrainian goat cheese with Boer‘n Troots brand truffles really liked the Ukrainian consumer, despite its high price. After a long search, we found a very tasty and creamy cheese with truffle flavor - a worthy replacement for that cheese that won hearts a year ago! And this is the producer of our most delicious cow cheese with truffle, farm, made from fat milk, which gives a very delicate creamy texture to the cheese, brand Tartufo, from De Producent.
The cheese is aged about 8-12 weeks on the farm.
The cheese producer is a Dutch private farm, part of the De Producent concern. The farmer has a confirmed internal certification of "Meadow Cheese", which means that animals grazed in the meadows. And this gives better milk and a humane attitude to the goats themselves)
 Goat cheese with truffle is cooked from thermized goat milk fat using animal rennet, with the addition of 1.1% truffle. For better preservation, the surface of the cheese is treated with the antifungal agent Natamycin and bleached with titanium dioxide (E171). Thanks to thermized milk (temperature 57-68 ° С with an exposure time of 15-30 seconds) the cheese turns out to be a very delicate creamy texture with the aroma of fresh fat goat milk.

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