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    Farmers Cheese
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CHARACTERISTIC: A rather delicate and creamy taste for 4 months aged cheese, with a light lanolin aroma and a flavor characteristic of sheep cheeses. The taste of cheese is delicate, but complex - it resembles the taste of nutmeg with a small sweet tooth;
TYPE: aged sheep cheese.

COMBINATIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR GIVING: sheep farm cheese is cooked on animal abomasum, and is completely natural, without any dyes or coagulants. It will be good both on toast / cracker and on a cheese plate.
seasonal (except citrus)
the cheese goes well with dry white wine of the Chardonnay or Vermentino variety, and with light-bodied red wines, for example, Northern Italy - Valpolicella.
Confiture raspberry balsamic

Our sheep farm cheese is produced on a small, private, certified Horstbrande farm in a rocky landscape in the center of the Netherlands on the banks of the Baal river. The number of sheep on the farm is only 200, so the sheep feel more comfortable. Gerrit Boonzaaijer, the owner of the farm is a farmer in heart and soul. From childhood, he worked with his parents, in meadows and stalls with cows and calves. In 2007, his passion for animal husbandry was realized in the purchase of 130 Friesian milk lambs - handsome with strong genes.
Sheep milk is quite rare, the Dutch sheep of the East Friesian breed produce 2.5-6 liters per day (the first three months), and only 1-1.5 liters per day for the rest of the period, and the lactation period is 220-260 days. For comparison, in cows, the lactation period lasts on average about 300 days with milk yield of 20 or more liters of milk per day. Since the fat content of milk is high 3-7% and protein content 4-5.6%, it is denser and more concentrated than goat or cow, it is often used specifically for the production of cheeses. As an example - Carpathian cheese and Caucasian cheeses that you have all tried. Sheep cheese contains vitamin C 3 times more than cow, and one and a half times more vitamins A, B12, D, E, iron, zinc and calcium.

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