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The history of raclette cheese, or rather dishes with that name, dates back to the Middle Ages. The historical chronicles of the cantons of Nidwalden and Obwalden contain a description of the lifestyle of the shepherds. Driving the herds along the slopes of the mountains, they ate very poorly - what they took with them on the road. Often it was only bread and cheese, which they cut into thick slices, put on the bottom of the pot and melted over an open fire, then scraped off the cheese and spread on bread cakes. This is where the name “raclette” came from, which is translated from French as “scraping”.
By the way, the French still dispute the claims of the Swiss on this dish. They fervently prove that it is their shepherds, and not the Swiss who first guessed to melt the cheese on the fire. Moreover, the name of the dish is of French origin. One thing is for sure - the Alps are the birthplace of raclette. And one starving and very inventive shepherd had a hand in its creation. At home, raclette cheese is prepared in a special electric or cast-iron tabletop oven. This kind of rocket launcher is very convenient to put on the table in front of the guests.
Rocket launcher consists of two tiers. The bottom is equipped with a grill bed in order to melt the cheese. On the top, fry pieces of meat or vegetables, which are served on the side dish. The set also includes miniature square or wedge-shaped cheese pans, each of which is color-coded. Thanks to this, each guest can observe how his portion is prepared and control the process. It is convenient to scrape cheese with special spatulas, which should also be in the set.
The cooking technology is quite simple. Rakelnitsa is heated to the desired temperature. Put on a lower tier of cheese pans, and on the upper lay the remaining ingredients. As soon as the cheese has acquired the desired consistency, the guests from their frying pans scrape it on plates, and lay on top a side dish, pieces of meat or sausages.

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