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    Solid, Raw
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Matured Gouda, which are referred to dessert cheeses, unlike the young, has a much sharper and brighter flavor, denser texture, flavor and gives the caramel. The use of this cheese with intense physical activity helps to quickly and effectively rejuvenate.

Sustained Gouda is served with kiwi, dried fruit, pineapple and almonds. Its salty taste suitable for dry red and white wines, and bitter beer. Cheese also recommend use of sauces, including with our brand mustard and honey from the "Kingdom of cheesy."This cheese is a favorite for gourmets. To fully unleash its spicy taste, it is recommended to cut into cubes of about one centimeter. Matured Gouda fine rubbed on a grater and long shelf life.

Gouda TM "Leiden" from the milk of northern Holland - the base line of the Goudes of the Cheese Kingdom since 2018. The brand replaced the rest of the gouda (Tilbury, Noord-Holland, yellow without the brand) and has the classic characteristics of the Gouda of the appropriate degree of exposure with some nuances in the taste / texture. The young Gouda are a little more salty than traditional gouda and are more delicate in texture. Old - even more restrained and crumbling. Creaminess is maintained at all stages of exposure.

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