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    South Holland
  • Cheese type:
    hard uncooked
  • Excerpt:
    36 months
  • Fat per 100 g:
    36 г
  • Manufacturer:
    Maaz Cheese
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Cheese is a classic for Holland. Black, Zwart, classic, top old - whatever you call it. That's why it never fails to surprise every time with its unforgettable taste and powerful long aftertaste!

    The facilities of the producer of the Holland Mill line are located near the famous city of Gouda, in the region of South Holland. It is aged for about three years on wooden decks in special conditions of high humidity and temperature 13-15C, and most importantly - in old warehouses, the walls of which absorbed the milk bacteria of the cheeses over the years.

    When you first meet the cheese, you are struck by its beautiful orange color, dense, hard texture and aroma of sea salt, roasted walnuts and hazelnuts, with a sourness of ryazhenka. The taste strikes its range - you can catch the dried fish, roasted hazelnuts and bitter chocolate. And the aftertaste of this cheese does not leave your taste buds for another 5 minutes, reminiscent of melted milk, buckwheat honey with a nutty flavor.


    We recommend to serve with pineapple sauce from TM Voets, whiskey orange marmalade from TM Gastromysternya, French orange-ginger jam from St.Dalfour, buckwheat honey.

Appetizers plums, dried fruit, nuts, bitter dark chocolate.

Wine: must be red, full-bodied, barrel-aged or bottled. Beer - Stout or porter only. Whisky - any kind: scotch, bourbon, smoky single malt.


    Pasteurized cow's milk, salt, pure cultures of lactic acid bacteria, lactic digestive enzyme of microbial (non-animal) origin. Preservatives sodium nitrate (E251), dye beta-carotene (E160b).

Contains milk protein and lactose.


    Nutritional value

    Per 100 grams of product

    Energy value 1860kJ / 444 kcal

    28 gr protein

    36g fat

    2.0 december salt

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