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    South Holland
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  • Cheese type:
    Solid, Raw
  • Excerpt:
    old (8-12 months)
  • Fat per 100 g:
    32 g
  • Manufacturer:
    Holland Hof
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Holland Mill Old Gouda is a classic from the heart of Dutch cheesemaking, because it is produced in Southern Holland, near the city of Gouda. It is from the name of this city and was born the name of the Dutch cheese - we all know Gouda cheese from our childhood. Holland Mill TM cheeses are made according to the classic Dutch technology from pasteurized cow's milk. It is a perfectly healthy product, in which a minimum of ingredients are added to milk: lactic acid bacteria (the very ones that create the perfect cheese from milk), lactic ferment, salt, sodium nitrate and beta-carotene.

    Old Gouda has a unique powerful taste with a pleasant creamy texture, is salty as far as it goes and has calcium crystals. Very rich aftertaste with curd spice, hints of wet wood and roasted almonds. This cheese is perfect as a standalone appetizer on a cheese plate and as an accompaniment to hot dishes.


    Old Gouda will go better with medium reds on rich whites, such as Argentine Malbec and French Chardonnay. Also, this cheese is suitable in combination with IPAs or other robust flavored ales. We also recommend it with Americano coffee and British black tea like Assam.

Of our confitures, we recommend Raspberry Balsamic from TM Gastromasternia, Strawberry, Tomato and Basil Jam from TM J'Elite, or Honey.

Fruit: plum, apricots or dried apricots or other dried fruits.


    Pasteurized cow's milk, salt, pure culture of lactic acid bacteria, lactic digestive enzyme microbial (non-animal) origin. Preservatives sodium nitrate (E251), dye beta-carotene (E160b).

    Contains milk protein and lactose.


    Nutritional value

    Per 100 grams of product

    Energy value 1860kJ / 444 kcal

    28 gr protein

    36g fat

    2.0 december salt

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