Silver cheese is aged for 50-60 weeks (about a year) according to classical technology in special rooms on wooden shelves. 

Despite the fact that the cheese is old, and calcium crystals are already beginning to be felt, the cheese continues to retain its creaminess and bright taste of baked milk. In some places,  there are notes of latte and a taste of nut butter in the cheese. 

The texture is dense. The taste is salty and sweet with bitterness, with an aftertaste of some kind of canned fish. 

Combination sauces: signature honey-mustard sauce, Orange-Whiskey marmalade, pear-mustard. 

Wine: dense white (eg Three Medals or Gewurztraminer) or medium-bodied red. 

Cheese can be sprinkled on hot dishes such as pizza-pasta-grill. Nice diced on a cheese plate. 

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