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CHARACTERISTIC: astringent velvety taste with a touch of smoke and caramel, as well as cocoa;

TYPE: hard pressed undigested cheese made from pasteurized goat milk;

EXTRACT: 14 months;

COOKING METHOD: production is based on classic Dutch technology.

COMBINATIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR SERVING: Serve separately accompanied by wine.

Fruit: grapes, plum, pear

Wine: strong white wines,Chablis status, champagne with bottle aging for more than a year, Gavi di Gavi ...

Sauces: honey, forbs

Goat cheese is the cheese with the most vitamins and minerals. Strict conditions for keeping animals, the breed of goats and their nutrition, compliance with cooking technologies - all this affects the fact that Dutch goat cheeses do not have a specific smell and taste. Cheese contains only traditional cheese constituents - goat milk, sourdough, microbial enzyme and salt. Therefore, it is suitable for small children, so the luggage of vitamins will be for pregnant and lactating mothers. It is also important that goat cheese is much easier to digest than cow. Its fat cells are similar to human ones, therefore they do not create unnecessary burden for the digestive system.

Любовь / 30/09/2020
Подскажите, пожалуйста, при какой температуре хранить этот сыр?
Добрый день!
Если вопрос, где хранить дома - то самая комфортная температура - 7-10С, в сырной бумаге или под колпаком. Можно в холодильнике +2-5С, и тогда перед употреблением за час положить в комнатную температуру.