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    For all types of cheese
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Partiklett is a very simple and convenient tool for fast food cheese. This tool was invented by accident when the Labourers in the Vineyard in the evening after a hard work of going near the fire for dinner, where the main course was the bread and cheese. They strung cheese on the cutting edge of the knife and held it over the fire. Then smeared with melted cheese on bread - that's because there was a Swiss hot sandwich. The set consists of a roasting pan with a non-stick coating, wooden handles, plastic spatula, candles. In partiklet spread cheese ball, candles ignited by the appliance base. Once the cheese is melted, pour it boiled potato on the plate. You can help yourself special plastic spatula, which prevents scratches. Partiklett - compact and self-contained, does not require a network connection, besides you can take with you on a visit or on a picnic. Raclette cheese in a slice spread into the container and roast on a fire. Then the melted cheese with a spatula to remove and put on a plate. Hot cheese on your favorite vegetables - it's insanely delicious. With partikleta can arrange a delicious cheese party for 4 minutes. Serve with slices of ham, which you can pre-fry on the grill and put on a plate with potatoes, cucumbers, onions and ham, season with pepper and salt, if desired. Enjoy Swiss cheese dish is recommended in the company of friends or a large family.

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