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      The peculiarity of Zinfandel grapes is that the berries ripen unevenly, and a large number of green berries and ridges can spoil the taste of the wine by filling it with unnecessary herbaceous tones. Therefore, the balance, brightness and fullness of 770 Miles red Zinfandel shows the skill, experience and scrupulousness of the winemakers. The producer has quite large vineyards located on different soils, which further enriches the wine with various shades and flavors.
      770 miles is not just a pretty name for a California wine brand, it is the distance between two wineries in the South and North Central Valley in California. Les Grands Chais de France, the company that owns these wineries, also explains the name by saying that this is the long and arduous journey one takes to get acquainted with the variety of their wines.
      The wine has a transparent ruby red color.
      Aroma is dominated by blackberries, other black berries, spicy spices, pepper and coffee.
      Taste is delicate and rounded at the same time, but tangy and rich. The wine is very juicy, with berry shades and a bright long aftertaste of blackberries, berry pie and spicy spices.
      Recommended serving temperature - 14-16 ° C.
      Gastronomic combinations - Zinfandel red wine is best combined with American dishes (burgers, barbecues, steaks) and Italian cuisine (pizza, pasta).

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