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The bright and rich caramel flavor of cheese harmoniously combines with its sweet-creamy aftertaste. Thanks to the long maturation, - 12 months, the cheese has a rich golden color, which essentially distinguishes it from the Bimster line. The texture of the cheese is creamy-solid, the cheese does not contain glucose and gluten.

Thanks to its rich flavor, cheese is used on sandwiches and light salads. Add the cheese in the finished dish in a grated form, so during the process of losing its flavor and taste. Grand Cru combines perfectly with all wines, but if you want to stick to taste combinations, we recommend less sweet.

The Dutch cheese maker Cono Kaasmakers presents a novelty in its portfolio of Bimster, - Bimster Royal Grand Cru. This cheese is a high-quality version of the already existing cheese Royal, with one difference, the cheese is aged 12 months instead of standard 6. The cheese was created for the holiday of Easter in 2017 by a limited party, but thanks to its unique taste, it was a huge success for the end user and Bimster's company had no choice but to produce cheese on an ongoing basis. Cheese Bimster Royal Grand Cru is made from high-quality cow's milk in northern Holland and how the entire Bimster line is considered "Royal Cheese".

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