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    For soft cheeses
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Slicer is a tool for cutting cheese. One of the legends about the birth of cheese planer as it was originally called, says that he came up with a carpenter Bёrklyund Tour in 1925. This Norwegian had a particular fondness for the ancient product and very upset watching people shred cheese, ripping unsightly chunks. As an esthete at heart, Tour looked closely at his carpentry tools and came up with a similar but cheese. The use of slicer is very simple, its operating principle is somewhat similar to Peeler: you spend it on yourself (in the direction of the handle) and the blade neatly cuts with cheese piece in the form of a leaf (slice) the desired thickness, you do adjust, depending on angle to the surface of the tool piece of cheese. The stronger you'll click on the slicer, the thicker the slices you are obtained, and vice versa. The width of the cut slice corresponds to the width of the hole in the blade. Suitable for any hard cheese exposure: both young and mature.

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