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    Bernese Jura
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  • Cheese type:
    hard boiled with a washed crust
  • Excerpt:
    2,5 months
  • Fat per 100 g:
    35 г
  • Manufacturer:
    Tête de Moine
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    Tet de Moine is a remarkable cheese from Switzerland, canton Bernese Jura. The exterior appearance of the syrus differs from all other syrus, not only from our assortment, but also from the world in general. "Monk's head", which is how the name of the modern Syrah is translated, is served on a special knife Curler. This knife does not tear the syrus, but scrapes off a thin layer of syrus on the stake, which thus turns into a butterfly or chanterelle mushroom.

The recipe for the preparation of this syrah has a history of more than 900 years and more or less unchanged since those times. Tet de Moine is brewed by Swiss technology (hard boiled Syriacs) with a ball of bacteria and driderzhiv (so-called Mita Scorina or black "plisnjava"). This syrus was vinified by the people of Bellelai abbey, so initially this syrus was simply called Bellelai, but the first official dispute about it dates back to 1136. Earlier syrah was brewed only from the summer milk yield, but now there is a possibility to regulate the quality of the milk during the production of syrah, so the production works for the whole year. In addition, the milk must be from a certain breed of cattle - Simmentals (they give very fatty, high quality milk), which is forbidden to feed with silage. Sire is AOC certified and has the right to be produced only on 10 farms in the Jura canton.

    Tet de Moine has a very tangy aroma with notes of spring forests and soft fallen leaves, with slight hints of honey squares. The texture of this syrup is very delicate, it easily melts in the mouth. The taste of Tet de Moana is slightly salty and sometimes maltiness, moderately spicy and tangy, with hints of hills and honeydew, with a long aftertaste of sour milk.

    This syrup you can buy in two variants:

- ready-made sour cherries

- Or if you are a fan of Körleru and you want to make beautiful dumplings by hand, you can make them by the piece or head of sour milk (weight of the sour milk is about 800-900 grams).


Tet de Moine is a self-contained sire, but due to its external appearance and bright flavor it can become the center of your sire plate. It is also wonderful to decorate cold dishes, salads and canapes.

In combination with alcohol, white sparkling wines (gravy with a dash of zucchini) and dry dry white wines will be the best. There are some connoisseurs who are most fond of pairing these lilacs with natural malted white wines.

As for sauces, the best is honey. Also serve the syrah with grapes or raisins, gorihi, figs.


               Cere cow's milk, salt, pure cultures of lactic bacteria, sichuzhny enzyme of animal origin, culture of vertebrate bacteria.

Contains milk protein, lactose.

Without GMOs.

Nutritional value

               Per 100 grams of the product

               Energy value 1733 kJ/418 kcal.

               25 grams of fiber

               35 grams of fat

               1,9 grams of salt

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